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Surf Lessons in Sri Lanka

  • Weligama beach is the world best beach for beginners. The day is open and sandy beach. The best thing is no reef and sharks threat. Translating to “sandy village” Weligama offers a sandy Beach break that you will never forget most experts would recommended. This destination for beginners because shallow water. What’s even greater is that you will find a lots of local surf schools and board rental places nearby to give a helping hands. So find that connection with the ocean and meet other surfers like you by booking Weligama surf tours.

    best Time

    6.00 a.m. to Or 3.00.p.m. to 6.00.p.m.


    Per person 35 USD for 1 hour surf lessons

    Board rental

    15 USD for the full day

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    Surf Lessons in Sri Lanka |
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  • Includings…


    Private surf guide

    Surf board

    Surf tours by Tuk Tuk with Surf board 60 USD per person

    Half day surf tour without surf board 50 USD per person