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Half Day Tour Weligama

  • Snake Farm

    In Weligama you can see the Snake Farm. That is the only one Snake Farm in Sri Lanka. Guest can visit there and knowledge about difference kind of snakes species in this farm. That will be on of very good experience you can have even. The visitors are allowed to handle snakes with the assistance of the caretakers.

    Snake Farm in Sri Lanka | pradeeptours.com
    Snake Farm in Weligama | pradeeptours.com
    Weligama Snake Farm |pradeeptours.com
  • Batik Factory

    Next you can visit batik factory. Batik is another Sri Lankan tradition and guest can see how people make it. This is incorporate fascinating motifs and colors. All display a vigorousness of designs made by batik are suit for tropical climate. You can find handmade batik, table cloths, wall paintings, beach clothes, ladies wear and etc.

    Batik Factory in Sri Lanka | pradeeptours.com
    Batik Factory | pradeeptours.com
    Batik Factory in Weligama | pradeeptours.com
  • Welihidha Buddhist Temple

    And last you can visit Welihidha Buddhist temple. It’s very old temple. Guest need to wearing long cloths and without shoes. There is a beautiful statue of lord Buddha.

    Welihidha Buddhist Temple | pradeeptours.com
    Welihidha Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka | pradeeptours.com
    Buddhist Temple in Weligama | pradeeptours.com
  • Gem Museum

    Gem Museum in Sri Lanka | pradeeptours.com
    Sri lanka Gem Museum | pradeeptours.com
    Gem Museum Weligama | pradeeptours.com

Best Time

  • Best time is 9.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m


  • One or two person 5s USD and additional one person 30 USD


  • Transport both ways
  • Entering Tickets
  • Guide fee